Computer Project


With the support of the Board of Governors (BOG) through its secretary Mr. Joseph M. Mwadime, (former principal of the school), the computer project was started in March 2003 with six computers by the ICT Teacher/Trainer Mr. David Lemera Mgadi. Today the school has 38 computers, most of which are networked.

The computers have been distributed as follows:

27 computers in the main computer laboratory

1 computer in the lab extension which uses the N-Computing Technology

1 Computer in the Principal’s office

1 computer in the Deputy Principal’s office

1 computer in the Bursar’s office

2 computers; one for the Secretary and one for the Typist

1 computer in the staffroom

1 computer in the Languages Department office

1 computer lent to Mwakiki Primary School

1 computer in the Matron’s/Storekeeper’s office

1 computer for the Science Laboratory

 The school also has a parallel programme on computer studies course offered both to adults (outsiders) and our own students under the Computers for Schools Kenya (CFSK). CFSK is an NGO which has been allowed by the Ministry of Education to have its syllabus taught in secondary schools and also administers exams in various units to those schools partnered with CFSK. Our school became partners with CFSK in November 2004 and since then the CFSK parallel programme has been very successful with many Form 4 school leavers and outsiders obtaining certificates which have helped them in their future careers. The first group of 18 trainees (outsiders) under this programme were trained from January to March 2005 and sat for their exam in April the same year. Surprisingly, when the results were released about six weeks later, all the candidates passed and were awarded with certificates. This has made the school be known and recognised throughout Kenya in terms of Information & Communication Technology (ICT). The Teacher/Trainer Mr. David Lemera has worked with computers for almost 30 years and through his valuable working experience, Mwakitawa is now a powerhouse in terms of ICT both in Taita Taveta County and Coast Region as a whole.


There are several active clubs in the school which include the following:-

Computer Club Law Club Journalism Club Young Farmers Mathematics …

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